The Right Accordion Door For Home Or Office

Commercial Dividers, Accordion Closet Doors, & More

At home or at the office, sliding accordion folding doors are a simple and highly effective way to create instant walls and doors. And with the latest materials and installation technology, there are accordion doors available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, all designed to meet the specific needs of practically any situation. From a comfortable home style to a professional office feel, A-1 On Track's accordion doors are perfect at home, at work, or at play.

Why choose accordion folding doors?

  • Use Accordion folding doors as home room dividers
  • Accordions make for great closet doors
  • We suggest commercial accordion doors for various purposes, such as office divisions, booth privacy, and more
  • Stop "door fights"
  • Reduce distracting noises from adjacent spaces
  • They allow for different designs, and unique effects

More Accordion Door Examples

Bookcase Style Accordion Doors Tanning Bed Privacy with Accordion Door Retail Store Security with Accordion Door Split Garage Space with an Accordion Door Bedroom and Office Storage Accordion Door Accordion Door Office Applications Bar Security Accordion Door

Accordion door design, installation and repairs for residents of the San Jose and San Francisco areas

A-1's accordion folding doors can conform to your specific needs, including rounded tracks, length requirements, and color requests. Contact A-1 On Track to learn why accordion doors are the right choice for your room division needs.

Accordion Door Repair & Installation

A-1 On Track's experienced staff have fixed and installed everything from accordion closet doors to commercial accordion doors used for privacy booths. With a talented team of technicians and designers, A-1 ensure accordion doors slide properly, securely, and with a quiet glide.

Contact A-1 On Track Sliding Doors today to get your free on-site consultation, see what other products are available. When contacting A-1, don't forget that it's spelled accordion with an O, not accordian doors with an A.