A-1: The Bay Area's Choice For Shower Doors

With nearly two decades of experience and a complete line of shower door components, A-1 On Track is the Bay Area's preferred choice for shower door installations. From challenging custom shower doors to elegant frameless shower doors, A-1 offers a free in-home consultation and absolute commitment to the four P's:

"Polite, professional, punctual, and prepared"

A-1 takes the time to truly understand the customer's situation and needs for the best possible hardware recommendations and custom shower door options, along with the best guarantee in the industry.

Got a question about standard vs.frameless shower doors? Want to see if your custom shower door idea is feasible? Want to find the right shower door for your budget? Contact A-1 today for your free in-home consultation or see A-1's shower portfolio.

How To Choose Your Shower Door

Standard, Custom, Or Frameless Shower Doors: What Do You Need?

What's the most important part of choosing your new shower door? Aside from looking at budget and aesthetics, you might find that picking the right installer for your shower door is probably the most critical aspect.

After all, think of what could go wrong if your shower door installation has problems:

  • Your custom shower door could not meet specifications.
  • Your frameless shower door might leak
  • Your shower door enclosure might not fit perfectly.

The solution is to find a shower door installer you can trust, whether that's a standard model, a custom shower door, or a frameless shower door.

The following traits are critical for any shower door installer:

  • Skills and experience: Good shower door installers have seen and done it all, from generating creative solutions in tight squeezes to installing frameless shower doors.
  • Selection: Can you get the shower door components you really want? Can you propose a custom shower door design? The best shower door installers will have a complete selection of models, colors, and options for you, along with the ability to work on custom requests or special needs.
  • Professionalism: Technical skill is one thing, but a shower door installer must make customer service the top priority so customers feel completely comfortable asking questions.

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