Pet Door Alternatives

Sliding Door Or Screen Door For Pet Doors?

Many pet door options are designed for sliding door situations, both pre-made sliding doors with pet doors or temporary pet doors that fit in the sliding track. What about when you don't have a sliding door? Do you just have to let Fido in and out by hand each time? Not necessarily. There are still plenty of swinging screen door and sliding screen door options capable of housing pet doors. If you like the look and feel of your screen door, you can call a professional pet door installer for a customized installation for a pet door in your current screen door.

What if you have both a sliding door and a swinging screen door to access your yard? Which should you pick? If you have the budget, you could always go for two pet doors to give yourself (and your pet) the most options. However, if you only have the budget to install a pet door in one of your yard doors (screen door or sliding door), here are a few things to consider:

  • Pet door access: Will your pet mainly use the pet door to go potty or will does he like lounging around outside on his own? If your pet is using the area outside of the pet door as an extended dog run or litter box, you might want to place it in the area that gets the least foot traffic.
  • Front yard vs. back yard: A lot of homes are set up with a sliding door for the back and a screen door for the front. If you've got a fenced property and your pet likes exploring the front more than the back, putting a pet door in the front screen door might make more sense. However, if your pet like spending more time in the back, then a custom pet door installation in your existing sliding door will probably work better.
  • Pet door aesthetics: If you want everything to match your current interior, you might want to look at which door will appear more out of place with a pet door installed in it. Since swinging screen doors are generally much smaller than sliding doors, putting a pet door there might be less visible.

Sliding Glass Door with Built-in Pet Door

Sliding Glass Door with Built-in Pet Door


Bay Area Pet Door Installation

If you're ready to purchase a pet door  for either a screen door or sliding door and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Marin, etc.), give A1 On-Track a call to get started. A1's deep selection of pet doors are a great match for just about every sliding door or screen door. Best of all, A1 comes with 20 years of experience, affordable rates, and fast, friendly service. Still debating pet door to purchase? A1's experts will be happy to talk about your options.

Contact A1 today for your free initial consultation on pet doors . You (and your pet) won't be disappointed.