Why Choose In-Glass Pet Doors?

The Smarter, Safer Pet Door

Permanent Pet Door Can a pet door really make a difference in your house? When it comes to your home and family, you want the best in both quality and peace of mind. That's a philosophy A1 On Track believes in, and that's why we choose to only install permanent pet doors as rather than temporary sliding glass pet doors.

Sliding glass pet doors certainly have their place. They're affordable and easy to install. Of course, those two traits often are the trade-off when it comes to quality. Temporary hardware will simply never have the durability of permanent pet doors. When the right tools are used, a sliding glass pet door can be a security liability. Permanent pet doors are as secure as any standard sliding glass door. Installed right into the sliding door's pane of glass, these types of pet doors are the smart choice simply because they provide the necessary functionality without the security liability.

When it comes to permanent pet doors vs. temporary pet doors, it's not just about security. Remember, temporary pet doors are extendable pieces that are the same height as your sliding glass door. That means that that entire length has a small area along the edges where air can leak in or out; depending on the weather and season, that could mean that your heating or cooling bills will be affected. It's a trade-off you simply don't get when you permanently install the pet door.

Other Pet Door Benefits

In-glass pet doors also have other benefits:

  • Great looking: Aesthetic can match your existing interior
  • Better environment control: Less temperature leakage/wind drafts
  • Happier pets: Ease of use for your pets

Can you put a dollar value on security, quality, and comfort? If those three items don't figure into your budget, then select a temporary pet door. However, if you want the very best, in-glass pet doors are the best way to maximize on those key traits.

A1 also offers pet screen doors in addition to in-glass pet doors. Got pet door questions? A1 On Track is happy to answer them! For Bay Area residents in San Jose, San Francisco, Campbell and nearby cities, A1 provides a free consultation at your home or office to help best determine your pet door needs. Contact A1 On Track Sliding Doors to learn more about pet doors today.