Why Get A Dog Door Or Cat Door?

Bay Area Pet Owners Know Why Pet Doors Are Great!

Patio Door with Built In Pet DoorIn the Bay Area, pets are king. From San Jose to San Francisco, there's always some way to pamper your pet, whether it's a giant dog park or pet stores that carry high-end organic cat food. So when it comes to basic needs, why skimp when a pet door could mean the world to your best friend?

Imagine if you had to call an office for approval every time you wanted to drive somewhere. It's not quite that way with dogs and cats, but it's close when there's no pet door. Dog doors and cat doors provide flexibility and freedom for your pets. For pooches, a dog door means they can exercise in the backyard or do their potty business when you're busy. For feline pals, a cat door is the perfect way for indoor/outdoor cats to have the comforts of home while fulfilling the instinct to prowl the neighborhood.

The good news is that Bay Area pet owners have a variety of pet door options to choose from. Unfortunately, what's easiest for a pet door isn't necessarily the most effective -- or safest. These options include:

Temporary pet doors -- the kind you buy at the pet store and put into the track of your sliding glass door -- may be convenient, but there's a trade-off. First off, there's no guarantee you'll get a door that fits perfectly. And even if it does fit well, it's still a catch-22: since it's removable, it's always a potential security risk, and it can also be a hassle to constantly take on or off.

Much More Than Just A Pet Door

Consider the other options: pet doors built permanently into doors have no issues with ill fitting parts; since they're part of the actual door, there's no chance of extra security worries. In addition, because these are permanent installations, temperature leaks are kept to a minimum. After all, dog doors and cat doors installed into a door don't have track areas to allow drafts in or leak heat out.

Of course, you deserve the best as well. Temporary doors come in whatever shape, color, and trim is in stock -- there's no guarantee that those cat doors and dog doors will match your designs. When a pet door is permanently installed into your sliding door or patio door, it seamlessly integrates, providing functionality while never looking out of place.

With these options in mind, you might still be wondering why you should get a pet door. Sure, a dog door or cat door may not be altogether necessary, but ultimately, they provide a level of freedom and comfort that make pets feel better. While they'll always look to you for care and companionship, a pet door will fulfill their curiosity and independent instinct. And for pet owners from San Francisco to San Jose, isn't that fitting for the true Bay Area lifestyle?

Are you a San Francisco Bay Area resident needing a pet door? A1 On Track performs custom installations of dog doors and cat doors to help give your pets what they deserve. Contact A1 Sliding Doors to get started on your pet door needs.