ACCORDION DOORS   Save Space with Accordion Doors 

Accordion Doors: The Smart Choice For Room Dividers Save Space, Save Headaches With Accordion Doors

Accordion door in a garageWith today's tight economic situation, the need to effectively manage home and office space is more important than ever before. And thanks to accordion doors (not accordiAn doors -- note the spelling), it's easy to get functional and visually pleasing room dividers for San Francisco, the Bay Area, and beyond.

Let's start simply: what are accordion doors ? Accordion doors utilize panels that fold like the bellows on an accordion (hence the name accordion doors). They can be used for a number of home and office means. Durable and flexible, accordion doors can act as dividers between workspace desks, booths in health/wellness facilities, or just in the home. Also, accordion closet doors are a simple alternative to traditional closet doors as they provide total access to the whole closet while saving space.

Benefits Of Accordion Doors

What are the benefits of accordion doors? Let's take a look:

  • Space-saving: Hinged doors require a certain clearance for the radius of their swing. Pocket doors require installation into walls. Accordion doors are a simple, self-contained system; with no additional space needs, they truly allow you to maximize floor space.
  • Room dividers: Accordion doors make great room dividers because of their simple installation. Need to turn one space into two? Simply roll the accordion door across--instant room divider.
  • Durable: Accordion doors stand up to heavy usage and require little-to-no maintenance.
  • Flexible: Use as a room divider, accordion closet door, privacy booth, office divider, and more!

Simply put, accordion doors are the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. With today's fabrication capabilities, accordion doors can be crafted and customized to fit in with whatever your situation needs. That means that functionally, an accordion door can work as effectively as a home closet door, a hospital room divider, or a privacy booth at a health spa.

Of course, the biggest benefit is space. Take a standard-sized room, then calculate how much of a swinging radius each hinged door takes. Now, imagine if you could utilize that space without worrying about knocking something over or dinging up a corner. For smaller spaces, such as walk-in closets, accordion door space-saving can literally double the amount of functional space.

Need more convincing? Contact the accordion door and room divider specialists at A1 On Track. Just describe what your situation is and they'll tell you how an accordion door can be easily customized to fulfill your needs.

For clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, A1 On Track provides customized solutions for accordion doors. Check out their accordion door portfolio or contact A1 On Track today to get a free consultation for Bay Area residents.