Optimize Your Home Office With Accordion Doors

Get More Space, Flexibility With Accordion Folding Doors

You may have seen accordion doors for the home and accordion doors for business, but what happens when the two come together? With online communication and remote capabilities, home offices are more common than ever before, and accordion folding doors are a fantastic way to optimize home-office space—or even create a home office out of any living space.

Accordion doors are an ideal way to maximize available space. Think of it this way: traditional doors require a certain radius of clearance for swinging, and pocket sliding doors require wall space to slide into. Imagine the amount of freedom you could have if you didn't have those two requirements. Accordion doors provide that.

Why choose accordion doors for the home office? It's all about space, and in today's tight economic environment, downsizing and optimizing space is the way to go.

Home Office Accordion Door Possibilities
  • The entrance: The entrance to any room needs a door. Home offices usually have their own collection of books, computer equipment, and communication technology. Space is often at a premium. Install an accordion door at the entrance and you take away the necessary space for door swinging.
  • Sound: Acoustical accordion doors help create the privacy a home office requires with effective sound insulation.
  • Closet: Home-office closets usually don't have the same contents as a bedroom closet. Instead of clothes and shoes, you'll probably have books and files. Need access to all of them? Traditional closet doors can't provide that, but a folding accordion door can create more access to closet contents.

Depending on your home's architecture, you may not have a designated space for a home office or den. Accordion doors can turn one room into twos. As an effective room divider, an accordion door can be left open for one large space or be closed to create an instant home office. And depending on the type of accordion door used, it can come with proper acoustical protection for the right type of privacy business requires.

Not sure how your home can best use accordion doors? Contact A1 On Track for a free accordion door consultation. A1 On Track provides accordion door installation and consultation services for San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Campbell and other Bay Area residents. Check out A1's Sliding Door's accordion-door portfolio to see what's possible.