Mirror Closet Doors: Virtually Expand Rooms

Make Rooms Feel Bigger With Mirror Closet Doors

In today's economic crunch, mirror closet doors can be the next best thing to a costly remodel. Think of it this way – everyone wants more space for their home, but who can afford construction costs right now? Rather than physically making your rooms bigger, mirror closet doors can trick the mind into thinking the rooms are twice as big. Simple, effective, and most importantly- affordable.

With a number of elegant looks to pick from, mirror closet doors offer all the same functionality as a traditional sliding closet door. The only difference? Mirror closet doors reflect the room's image. So when looking at a mirror closet door, you'll see both your room and a mirrored reflection of your room. This simple gesture can literally double the appearance of a room.

What are the other benefits of mirror closet doors? Besides a virtually bigger room, mirror closet doors provide:

  • A full-length mirror to help with dressing and wardrobe
  • Elegant options such as chrome tinting and beveled edges
  • The light-reflecting power of a mirror, brightening up a room

There are optional kits for converting standard closet doors into mirror closet doors, and these can help anyone out on an extremely tight budget. However, selecting a mirror closet door from a professional installer can be functionally sturdier and look better thanks to a full set of custom options.

The San Francisco Bay Area's Mirror Closet Door Resource
For residents of Oakland, San Jose, and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area, A1 On Track is the premier closet door resource. If you want to make your space look bigger or give it a brighter feel, A1 can install mirror closet doors of all shapes and sizes. Options, such as trim and mirror weight, are all available; A1 has a reputation of offering the most mirror closet door options in the Bay Area.
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