Pocket Doors: Repair or Replace?

Timely Tips For Pocket Door Repair & Replacement

While pocket doors offer many benefits in terms of substance and functionality, the fact that their tracks are embedded within walls can make pocket door repair or replacement a bit of a nightmare. In a best-case scenario, pocket door repair is a simple procedure. In a worst case scenario, pocket door repair may involve getting into the wall space to fix or track. And that doesn't explore the issue of pocket door replacement. In some cases, you can't repair the pocket door; replacing the pocket door could be the only option.


However, some of the more common pocket door repairs are do-it-yourself projects. Let's take a look at some of the more common pocket door repair issues:

  • Poor sliding: If your pocket door doesn't slide well, one of the most common reasons could be the sliders. In order to inspect the sliders, you'll have to remove the stops in the track before lifting the door out. A quick inspection can tell you whether it just needs lubrication or tightening or if it has to be replaced.
  • Damaged track: This is where pocket door repair gets trickier. If your pocket door isn't sliding well, remove it and feel the tracks to see if they are damaged, loose, or warped. The ideal pocket door repair simply requires tightening screws on the track. Other options include physically bending a warped track back into being straight (which may be easy or hard depending on the actual situation).
  • Rollers off track: In some cases, poor craftsmanship or unexpected conditions can get rollers off their track. The problem can be anything from loose rollers to warped tracks. This is an all-of-the-above pocket door repair solution and the best way to approach it is by removing the door and inspecting all elements to see if you can perform pocket door repair.
When To Call A Pocket Door Repair Professional

The first two situations are cases where you may actually be able to perform pocket door repair without a professional. If the damage is more severe, a pocket door professional will have to come in and open up the wall to inspect the track and the door. Even if you have carpentry experience, pocket door repair can be complicated. It's advisable to at least consult with a pocket door professional before attempting pocket door replacement or major in-wall track repair.

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