Fixes For Common Sliding Glass Door Repair Problems

Do-It-Yourself Tips For Small Patio Door Repair Issues

When you first installed your sliding glass door selection into your patio, it probably moved like a dream -- quietly, smoothly effortlessly. It looked great, it felt great, and it worked great.

But after some wear and tear, you might need some sliding glass door repair. And whether that requires a professional patio door repair person remains to be seen. First off, try a few of the following tips -- you might find that your sliding glass door repair only requires a little bit of knowledge and elbow grease. Let's look at two of the most common sliding glass door repair suggestions from a true San Francisco/San Jose-area repair professional.

A Dirty Track: If you're having trouble sliding your patio door, repair could be as simple as a few basic housekeeping tools. Take floor-level peek at the track (both open and closed). Do you see dirt, grime, small rocks, or other foreign bodies in the track? Household cleaning products, along with a good vacuum, could be all of the patio door repair tools you need. Give it a try -- it might run as smoothly as the day your sliding glass door selection went from the catalog into your home!

Loose Rollers: Your patio may look like a sliding glass door catalog selection from afar, but a quick inspection of the rollers might reveal a problem. Patio door repair often starts with removing the actual door. Be careful, this can be heavy. Once it's removed and secure (if you're not sure you can do it, call a patio door repair professional like San Francisco's A1 On Track -- it's too dangerous to be unsure), take a look at the rollers. They may need a simple tightening or replacing (replacement part are available at your local hardware store; for San Jose & San Francisco residents, call A1 On Track for recommendations).

Those are the two most common areas of sliding glass door repair -- and usually the easiest to fix. In other cases, you could be dealing with anything from a warped track to damaged frame.

Not sure what's keeping your door from sliding cleanly and smoothly?  Sliding door repair professionals can usually quickly diagnose the problem and offer everything from on-site repair to a complete sliding door selection of replacements.

If you're not happy with how your patio door is working, contact your local sliding door professional. For San Jose, San Francisco, and the Bay Area, most residents call A1 On Track. With a complete sliding glass door selection for replacements and the experience to address just about any patio door repair need you may have, and they always work by the four P's: polite, professional, prompt and prepared.